Onion supplier in Tak Bai Thailand​

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Packing5kg, 10kg, 20kg Mesh bag
Sizes25mm and above
Self Life12 Months
QualitySuper Quality, A+ Grade


Onion Price$0.1-$0.2 AVG
MOQ30 Tons 40’ft Reefer
Payment termTT 50% advance


MariyaFarm top Onion exporter in india

Red/Garwa onion

white onion

White Onion

Shallot onion

Premium Onion Supplier in Tak Bai C803

Our onion farm in Tak Bai Thailand is dedicated to producing the highest quality onions for our customers. We work directly with local farmers to ensure that our onions are fresh flavorful and nutritious. Whether you need onions for cooking pickling or any other purpose we have you covered.

Tantalizing Scent of Fresh Onions Discover the Premier Onion Supplier in Tak Bai Thailand

The largest vegetable market in Tak Bai Thailand is located near the central part of the town.

Tak Bai nestled in Thailands southern region captivates visitors with its rich blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. This riverside city offers a vibrant market scene ancient temples and warm hospitality. Explore traditional ThaiMuslim architecture indulge in authentic cuisine and witness captivating traditional performances in this hidden gem.

Fresh Locally Sourced Onions

At our onion farm in Tak Bai Thailand we believe in supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture. Thats why we source all of our onions directly from nearby farms ensuring that they are fresh healthy and full of flavor. Our onions are carefully harvested and stored to maintain their quality so you can enjoy them at their best.

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